FSB Policy Conference 2016

Small Business 2020: inspiring growth, innovation and ambition

February 2nd 2016 | London



The ICAEW is a professional membership organisation. It supports over 144,000 chartered accountants around the world. They provide business advice, reaching over 1.5m businesses from more than 20,000 offices across the UK. The ICAEW provide a Business Advice Service (BAS) which offers a free initial consultation to SMEs and start-ups looking for qualified business advice. 



Google’s mission is to organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. They provide a variety of tools to help businesses of all kinds succeed on and off the web. These programs form the backbone of their own business; they’ve also enabled entrepreneurs and publishers around the world to grow theirs. Their advertising programs, which range from simple text advertisements to rich media advertisements, help businesses find customers, and help publishers make money off of their content. They also provide cloud computing tools which help businesses/organisations to both save money and be more productive.

British Business Bank

The British Business Bank is a government backed business development bank. It brings expertise and UK government money to smaller business finance markets to make them work more effectively. It doesn’t lend or invest directly, but works through over 80 commercial partners. It also helps businesses better understand their finance options. Businesses apply for finance through its partners, who it enables to lend and invest more - especially to younger and faster-growing companies. By making finance markets work better, it helps smaller businesses to invest and grow, creating additional jobs and economic activity in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.



HS2 is a dedicated high-speed railway that will connect London to Birmingham from 2026 and then to Manchester and Leeds from 2033. It presents a huge opportunity for the whole of British business and will help rebalance the UK economy. We want to help British companies become more creative, more dynamic and better equipped to take advantage of the opportunities created by HS2.

HS2 will generate thousands of contract opportunities and jobs, including the next generation of this country’s engineers. We need small businesses’ innovation, flexibility and ability to deliver to maximise the value of HS2 to local economies and allow the UK to compete internationally in state-of-the-art engineering for years to come.

Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

The Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) is the department for economic growth. The department invests in skills and education to promote trade, boost innovation and help inspiring entrepreneurs start and grow a business. BIS also protects consumers and reduces the impact of regulation. It is the lead Department for UK small business and supports British businesses compete anywhere in the world. It does this by supporting businesses to increase their productivity, become more efficient and in turn save money. The goal of BIS is to make the UK one of the fastest and easiest countries to set up and run a business.


The Competition and Markets Authority

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is the UK’s primary competition and consumer authority. It is an independent non-ministerial government department with responsibility for carrying out investigations into mergers, markets and the regulated industries and enforcing competition and consumer law. Its statutory duty is to promote competition, both within and outside the United Kingdom, for the benefit of consumers.

The European Small Business Alliance

The European Small Business Alliance (ESBA) is a non-party political group that represents and lobbies on behalf of small and micro businesses and the self-employed. Today, ESBA is one of the largest organisations based on a voluntary membership representing small businesses in Europe. Through its direct membership, associate membership and cooperation agreements, the Alliance now represents almost one million small businesses and covers 35 European countries. The two main pillars of ESBA’s lobbying activity are the two most pressing issues facing SMEs across Europe – access to finance and better regulation. 


Exporting is GREAT

UK Trade and Investment (UKTI), in partnership with a broad range of supporters across government, private sector and business member groups, has recently spearheaded the launch of the Exporting is GREAT campaign.

Exporting is GREAT aims to inspire and support 100,000 additional UK exporters to sell their goods and services overseas by 2020. Its mission is to turn the UK into the world’s greatest exporting nation, capturing the imagination of the public, boosting business confidence and national pride and empowering more UK companies to go out and succeed in global markets.

Every day in every country around the world, there is someone somewhere who wants or needs a UK product or service. The demand is out there, you could be too.


First Voice

First Voice is the magazine published by the FSB. It is read by around 200,000 small businesses to obtain practical information and advice on important issues affecting the business community. First Voice has regular features on major legal and political affairs as well as specialist areas including business development, company matters, devolved issues, employment, enterprise, European affairs, financial affairs, innovation, and regulation.

The House

The House, Parliament's very own magazine delivered to every MP and peer directly, includes columns, diaries and reviews from MPs and peers.

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